Prepaid Card and Credit Card Loans



ContaSuper MasterCard – “No bank, no interest and Account already approved” this is the Super Account call. want to meet? It is a non-bank online and virtual account that offers a card with multiple functions and is still linked to the single Ticket. With the Super Account, its holder counts on a “prepaid card to use in Brazil and abroad with great practicality and low cost in numerous banking operations. Good to maintain a more effective control of personal finances.  Who is launching the novelty is “A Super”, a company that operates with means of payments. When creating the “ContaSuper”, the candidate will have a non-bank account that enables Mastercard prepaid cards, in addition to the personal account, has just launched the ContaSuper Business, made for companies .

How does the Super Prepaid Account work? “ContaSuper” is a pre-paid virtual non-bank account, its format does not allow link with any financial institution or banking institution.

Who can open ContaSuper? It can be opened by any Brazilian citizen, even if it is restricted by SPC, SCPC or Serasa. Even with a dirty name you can have an account like that. Perfect for people who are outside the financial system for bureaucratic reasons, restrictions or legal impediments.


Do not have a conventional bank account?


Do not have a conventional bank account?

How about joining this novelty, ContaSuper allows several benefits and several services that can only be performed by people who are banked, that is, have current account, and still offers a Super Prepaid card with multiple functions of use.

For companies the novelty will be a facilitator instrument, the Super Account can be opened by small, medium and large companies of industry and commerce. The legal for companies is the possibility of issuing as many cards as are necessary for employees and employees.

What are the services offered by prepaid ContaSuper? Payment of accounts, you can pay unlimited consumption accounts over the internet, SMS, smartphone applications or the Relationship Center.

Transfers and Docs: making transfers is easy for the Super Account, including for any Brazilian bank through internet with excellent rates. There are many services included in the Account. On the official website, be sure to check all details without exception in the FAQ.

To keep the Account in full operation is charged a monthly fee that starts with R $ 4.90 for a basket of services differentiated for each basket, you have to check the authorized services in each basket.